“Are you afraid of the darkness?” said the spectre.  “You should be.  Everyone would be afraid of the dark if they knew what lived there.”

A year after Ironheart, India is now Verity Brown’s assistant and haunted by the memory of her dead friend, Calculus.  To find some answers, she joins forces with the eccentric Professor Evelyn Moon in an attempt to unravel a mystery deep beneath the Antarctic ice caps.  But others are also hunting for the secret and India must stay one step ahead of the evil tech-lord, Lady Fang and her cybernetic hellhound that threatens to tear her to pieces.

The scene is set for a dramatic chase across the southern oceans and a search for an ancient lost city.  But all is not what it seems and what really lies beneath the ice caps of Antarctica will change their lives forever.

Read the exciting first chapter of Bloodstone, here…

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