The perils of Winchmore Hill

SSCN0694.jpgA week on and I am still being struck by the ironies – the worst toilet on a 5,500 mile journey was in the arrivals hall at Heathrow; I have consumed strange and exotic foods without incident but somehow manage to contract food poisoning from a pub lunch in Winchmore Hill and I have changed my clothes more in the last 5 days than I have in the preceding 3 weeks.

Its great to be back.

Seriously, it really is – the kids have made me a welcome home poster, I have been consistently writing 3,000 words a day and my beard has become a local celebrity.  But my perspectives all feel slightly different – and I hope they will remain so.

Right now I am helping the kids prepare a mothers’ day breakfast in bed for Carol (No Ryan we haven’t run out of toast, just get out the bread; no Kate I don’t think she’d like any crisps).  Then we  are looking forward to two weeks in Cornwall where Ryan intends to inflict damage on the countryside with his newly acquired Mongolian hunting knife and I hope to spend some quality time with my tractor. (Boys are such shallow creatures).

In the meantime, my gifted techie mate Paul (wizard web sites and beautiful blogs – enquire within ) has set up a photo gallery where I have now posted 70 or so of the 800 photos I took on my journey (I am also indebted to Kevin Rice for letting me have copies of his Mongolia photos when my camera went on the fritz) – I hope you enjoy them.


Click here, or on the “photographs” link at the top of the page to visit the photograph  gallery.