Book 2

Starless & Black ...and the case of the future child

“What would you do if you could see the future, Adam Starless? Would you try to cheat death?”

Times are tough for the Starless and Black Detective Agency, until Adam and Finity receive a call from the richest man in Primus City. When Otto Motherlove offers them a million credits to find his missing daughter, all they have to do is fly to the pleasure world of Xanadu, find the girl, and bring her home. What could possibly go wrong?

But Adam and Finity quickly find themselves in a seedy world where talented young weirdlings are traded for billions of credits and a game called Mortality is played for the highest stakes. The deeper they dig, the wilder the adventure becomes, until they reveal a truth that threatens the future of Primus City.

It’s tough work being a space-detective but hold on to your hat because pirate cats, flesh eating worms and epic space battles are all in a days’ work for Starless and Black.

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