Book 1

Starless and Black...and the case of the perfect girl

For Adam Starless, the future’s not what it used to be...

As a member of the crew of Gargantua – Adam Starless is leaving Earth for a life amongst the stars. But instead of discovering a new world, Adam wakes from cryo-sleep to find his family are missing and his spaceship has been sold to the scrapyards of Primus City. Worse still, if the ship’s mission clock is to be believed, Adam has been asleep for a very long time indeed.

Now Adam must learn to survive in a future where he doesn’t belong, where the machines are in charge and an unwary boy can get mugged for his kidneys. His only hope of finding his family lies with a distant cousin – a young droid hunter, named Finity Black, a girl with a big gun and a bad attitude.

If Adam and Finity can work together, they might solve a mystery that threatens the entire city…if only they don’t kill each other first.

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