Legend of Ironheart: Prequel

Original Sins Legend of Ironheart

Three stories, one destiny…

On the shores of a drowned city, India Bentley inherits a terrible legacy from her mother – but just what is the nature of the ‘dark gift’ that is now her birth right, and who are the mysterious ’sisterhood’ who stalk her dreams?

On the treacherous Siberian steppes, a young Sidney Stone embarks on a mission to avenge his mother and kill his father – but once down that path, will he be lost forever?

On a tsunami ruined coastline in Japan, a lone tech-hunter named Verity Brown uncovers an ancient war machine of immense power – but does she dare to turn it on?

Three people at a turning point.

Three decisions that will change the world forever.

Three sins that can never be forgiven.

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