Legend of Ironheart: Book 4

Rain God Legend of Ironheart

‘Let sleeping gods lie’

Prepare for another electrifying adventure when Tech Hunter India Bentley and her companion, a military android named Calculus, travel to the jungle metropolis of Sing City, to sell a rare piece of old-world technology. But buyers are in short supply and India is forced to venture into the jungle to find a blind prophet – a man said to be obsessed with old-world secrets.

Dogged by freak weather and beset by dangers, the further they travel upriver the more the questions pile up. What are the strange disturbances coming from deep within the jungle? Who are the mysterious tribe that seem so keen to keep them away and what is the truth about the mythical ‘Lord of Rain’?

As India journeys into the heart of darkness, the answers she finds are stranger than she could possibly have imagined. And when she finally comes face to face with the Lord of Rain, she realises an awful truth – the ancient secret lurking in the jungle may spell the end for the entire human race.

Take the plunge into a story-world you’ll never forget and a fast-paced, sci-fi action thriller that will keep you turning pages until the end. Perfect for fans of The Last of Us, Lara Croft and Mad Max.

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