Legend of Ironheart: Book 3

Tech Hunter Legend of Ironheart

Homecomings can be dangerous affairs.

It’s been ten years since India Bentley left the drowned city of London, now she’s back to settle a score. But the North London shores have become a dangerous place, where flesh-eating ‘ghost men’ haunt the dark places and slaver gangs carry off the unwary and India’s worst fears are realised when her own sister is taken in a Southside raid.

And as if that wasn’t enough – the rains have returned.

Now India faces a desperate rescue mission to save her sister from the lawless slave markets of Glass Town, run by the vicious Pinkerton twins. Accompanied by hired gun, Sidney Stone and a war droid salvaged from a previous century, India must travel across a flooded city and face a battle to the death in a brutal gladiatorial contest. If she fails, it will cost her everything.

Welcome home!

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